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I would recommend SEB to anyone looking for a good quality bike, great customer service & very reasonable prices. Riding it was like nothing I'd ever experienced.  I had to buy one! Instead of driving I now ride to work without breaking a sweat & by doing so the bike will soon pay for itself. Getting an electric bike isn't just practical & cheap, it's also one of the most fun ways to get fit &/or get to your destination. Dean

I no longer have to carry anything, wait for a bus (only to see it fly past) or squash up next to someone with a cold on public transport! Katherine

I purchased my electric bike from SEB around 8 months ago. Owning this bike has completed changed my life. I whizz around anywhere without stress. What previously took an hour to walk up the hill to the post office, I can now fly up and back in minutes. Daniel

I'm a total convert! I looked into electric bikes to save on my exorbitant parking fees and bridge tolls. 3 months later I've paid for the bike with what I saved. Added to this I arrive at work with no  traffic light frustrations, I save time and enjoy a relaxed bike ride without the need for a shower at the other end courtesy of that magic little electric motor. Robert

Having little knowledge I asked lots of questions and the staff were most obliging, answering my queries promptly and inviting me into the shop to have a look at the range. Their prices were the most competitive I could find, and the follow-up service has been fantastic. 10 out of 10!!!" Kyraa

There was much choice, but SEB attracted us and we eagerly arranged for our test ride. We were so impressed we ordered the foldup Ebike and SEB included extras in the deal, the value exceeded all other internet offers that we found. Since using the Ebike locally to visit friends and small deliveries it is so much amazing fun and attracting plenty of interest, we are capturing our youth again. Ric and Erika

Bought a brilliant ebike from SEB last month. Jake and team couldn't have been more helpful. Superb advice and after sale service too. Jeremy

Nothing but positive to say about these guys, very friendly and helpful. The bikes are quality standard and affordable. Jake helped me with every step of the way in selecting my bike. Definitely would recommend these guys if you are looking for an ebike. Chris R

Great personal service! Take my bike there for random servicing. Tony and crew very helpful, patient and friendly!
Probably the only bike shop in Sydney I'd review and recommend. El Q Patina

These ebikes would have to b the Ultimate parking solution.Going to the beach would b a breeze and front row parking anywhere along the eastrn beaches with bike racks on the promenades. Now thats what i like. Se ya soon. Robert Skool

I went in looking for an e-bike conversion kit. Jake helped me choose the best kit for my bike, and had it fitted in record time! When I told him I was an out of towner (from Canberra) he was very accommodating to my time constraints as I was leaving on Friday. I handed the bike in on Wednesday afternoon and I got it back just before it was time for me to leave! Thanks! Leena.

Bought a Grace easy 1 x 10 from SEB. The grace easy has turned out to be an absolutely fantastic bike! Thank you SEB for stocking and supplying a quality german product, which has limited availability in Australia. I purchased this bike to commute distances from 10 to 35km trips, and the grace easy does this with ease, with charge to spare. The bike not only gives you electric assist, it is also well balanced, (due to the frame mounted battery) and handles exceptional well. The cassette version i selected enables good selection for cadance giving a consistence assist. SEB delivered the bike for me from the other side of Australia, the bike came pre-assembled and was prepared for service prior to despatch. Once again thank you for excellent service. :) Wayne

Jake is passionate about the revolution of e-bikes. I have bought the e-motion last year and I'm still jamming through town very happy with his advice and my ride. Joseph

Great guys to deal with. I have been following e bike tech for 3 years and finally took the plunge buying an e motion neo race at a great price. Couldn't be happier. Andrew

Last week Jake returned my message after hours via text, put in an order for the exact helmet I wanted right then and there, and responded to my followup inquiry about tubes promptly. He reminded me that my helmet had come in today, so I headed up to collect it. Jake and both employees in the workshop were very helpful, funny and friendly. I've been to a fair few bike shops over the years, and I've never had such an easy time with such nice people. Top blokes. I will definitely be stopping in or messaging Jake the next time I need something! Edwin

After spending around 2mths looking at EBikes I ended up at SEB where I met Jake who spent no short of 30 minutes going through in detail of the features of three cargo bikes I had narrowed it down to and their capabilities + accessory options. Jake has sound product knowledge of ebikes and is backed up by a professional workshop team.
I chose the Yuba ElMundo, to cart 3 kids and carry some load and be able to do the job of climbing some of the nice hills around home. If your looking for good old fashioned customer service, I highly recommend dropping into SEB. Danny

Outstanding service and product knowledge guys. I love my new bike conversion and highly recommend SEB to anyone looking for an electric bike. Melody

I am a mechanical engineering student at UTS, doing a group project involving research and development of a Ebike. We came down to Sydney Electric Bikes without making an appointment, Jake was extremely welcoming, giving us his time and expertise on the fast growing world of Ebikes. We were able to test a few of the bikes at the shop, which gave us and valuable insight into the technology currently available, and best of all, it was fun. Thanks again Sydney Electric Bikes for your time and expertise, we will keep you updated as our project progresses. Alizar

Game changer. Electric is the way of the future. Amazing range of bikes, tested half a dozen and chose a custom electric conversion, perfect. These guys really know there stuff, i feel totally confident in the after sales service as i have many friends who have brought a bike from SEB and they had nothing but good words to say about these guys. Great product range. Love it ! Nick

My Experience with SEB has been excellent - Jake and the team took the time to understand what I was after, encouraged me to test ride lots of makes/models and make a decision when I was ready. I've had my Scott eSub for less than 3 weeks, have clocked over 400kms and am totally in love with electric biking - with hills virtually flattened by the Bosch Active system cycling is pure fun. Joe

Excellent service and care. I have purchased 2 bikes from SEB which has saved me at least $50 a week on transport over 4 years. I had a little issue with my bike however Jake and the boys sorted me out and I was on my way 10min later. SEB, you wont regret it. Tony

Jake & team know what they're doing and are super patient about test rides. Clearly love what they're doing as well. Visited a regular bike shop & the quality, range and service didn't compare. If you want an ebike these are the guys to see! Zo

The SEB team knew their stuff and were able to answer all my questions about various bike brands and models. Being able to take the bike for a test ride gave me great confidence that I was getting the right bike for me. The prices were competitive with online and other cbd bike shops. Overall an awesome experience will definitely be come back when it's time for an upgrade. Nick

Outstanding service.I converted my bike at SEB and it has been one of the best decisions I ever made. What they did with my bike is "transformational", I love it. Months later I had some problems with power supply and they fixed it on the spot and "with a smile". Unbelievable customer service. I score their service and product quality 5 out of 5 and recommend SEB with all my heart.Dr Ilan Kogus, Randwick, Sydney. Ilan

Based on my demand I needed to travel around 20km a day, so I bought my first BH here and everything was schmick, when I decided to get something different and ended up with SCOTT with BOSCH Active line system. Bloody fast and beautiful machine. Already done approx 1000km and couldn`t be happier. Pleasure to deal with guys. Always professional approach to run business and meet all customers needs. Nicely done, champs. Keep it this way. Artem

These guys love their product and as soon as we got on an e-bike we did too! We spent hours trying different bikes and got loads of information and encouragement. Now we have the best bike ever from the best bike shop ever! Susy

Great range of electric bikes. Took a bunch of test drives, the friendly staff let me take as much time as I needed until I was happy. Ended up with a folding ebike. Would happily buy from again. staff friendly and always willing to help. Steven

I bought an electric bike from these guys and am so happy with it! I use it every day to commute, keeps me fit and happy. They provide excellent advice and after sales service. Jake and the boys really know their bikes and they have a huge range of stock - something for everyone. Mkae sure you get a Tommyco sound system... Rolling with beats! Love it. Thanks guys ; ) Edward

They are always busy but find time to attend to repairs and product inquiries. They helped me find an electric bike after I got rid of my car. It was one of the best decisions in my life. Miyemi

In addition to the awesome bikes, what makes Sydney Electric Bikes special are the people. The workshop is amazing. Highly knowledgeable and trustworthy team. Look for Tony. He's done a wonderful job on an array of bikes for me, from road racers to TT to MTB. Excellent value delivered by top blokes. Willy

The Real Thing !Long story short I lost my licence for a stretch but still needed to get around Sydney on a daily basis. What to do ? Bit of research and I began checking out e-bikes which led, after a few other outlets, to SEB (Sydney Electric Bikes). This is E-bike central. I followed Jakes advice and test rode a few different models and as he predicted I knew what wanted - what felt right and haven't looked back. I get from the Eastern Beaches to Hurstville to Malabar comfortably in reasonable time ( about 25% longer travel time than I used to do by car ). Since then I've not just achieved the goal of transport flexibility but discovered a new passion and am fitter and healthier to boot.I love my bike and have been more than satisfied with the advice, recommendations and service : both pre- and after- sale which is so important. They know their stuff but are patient and will walk you through what you need to know.If you have a mind to try an E-bike, do yourself a service and have a word to Jake and the boys at SEB, Pyrmont. Bernie

My experience is that you are in extremely good hands when you are being looked after by SEB. I went in to test a couple of folding electric bikes and Jake the owner went above and beyond to ensure that I knew exactly what to expect and how to handle each type of bike I tested and they answered every question I had (no small feat). They then built my BH Neo Volt on the spot (while I ate lunch) and ensured everything was in absolutely tip top condition before I left. They also looked after me very well when it came to all the additional bits and pieces - helmet, bike lock and bike bag. They showed me how to charge the bike and double checked that I understood all the features and how everything operated and that I was aware of common errors to avoid when handling the bike. I cannot recall the last time I received such outstanding customer service. I also observed some stellar customer service being delivered to other customers who came to the store while I was there.My bike rides like a dream and I'm excited to be getting out and about on my terrific new bike. Thank you SEB! Katelin

Excellent service, excellent product and worth the financial outlay. The owner and staff were exceptionally helpful and after having this bike for just over 2 months now, with daily workouts for shopping and post office runs, it's still exciting when my wife and I both climb aboard (I do the driving). The bike now has a 'trunk', a motor cycle horn with indicators and stop light being installed next. Duke

We bought 3 electric bikes from SEB for our Ride From Work program and they have been excellent. Jake is highly knowledgeable about electric bikes and very helpful in the selection process for our bikes. Myself and another coach tried out much of the SEB fleet to determine which bikes would suit our program. We bought accessories for the e-bikes at SEB and also for the rest of our bikes since the prices were competitive. SEB's servicing costs are also reasonable and their ongoing support friendly and efficient. I recommend Sydney Electric Bikes. Ged

I've been to just about every bike shop in the Sydney metro and Jake and the boys run one of the best. Good advice, let me take several bikes for a trial run before choosing the one I wanted. I bought my Ezee Sprint a little over a year ago and 10,000kms later I've sold my car. There is just no better way of getting around town. Jason

My experience was great. Purchased a Seb Air electric conversion kit which I had them fit to a second hand bike I also purchased from Sydney Electric Bikes.Jake, Tony 2 stroke and Andrew fitted the bike for me, they are good guys and since I have had the most fun riding ever. They really went out of the way to look after me. Brian