The Ebike Experience

Do you want to know what it feels like to ride a Sydney Electric Bike? A SEB is just like riding a normal bicycle but with the added juice from an almost silent electric motor. This video is shot from the handlebars of one of our small foldable ebikes. The reaction of the featured riders on there first SEB experience says it all! Interested in riding one?

As seen on Better Homes and Gardens

An introduction to our shop in Sydney by Big Review TV

Owning and riding an Ebike
Want to know what owning an Electric bike might do for your life? Check out this video to get you excited. Then get browsing or test ride today. We have over 80 brands in store and you can ride as many as you like. This will be one of those life changing moments guaranteed.

An introduction to the Conversion Kits we sell.

Lets hit the trails with an offroad Ebike. Serious FUN!

A SEB Ride
This video features one of our earlier folding models out on the town.

Nepal Ebike tour 2011
Three mountain bikes kitted out with three high end electric bike conversion kits take on the Nepalese Himalaya. This video shows how far you can go with Electric Assist. Where will you go with your Ebike? This is our highlight reel. Enjoy

Cambodia Ebike tour 2013
Follow Jake Southall from Sydney Electric Bikes as he rides a converted Merida mountain bike for 1000km across the Cambodian landscape with the SEB Air Electric Bicycle conversion kit. The lightest kit in the world.

Vietnam bamboo bike tour 2014
Sydney Electric Bikes have done Nepal, New Zealand and Cambodia on two wheels. This time we take on South Vietnam on a hand made bamboo touring bike.