The SEB Workshop

SEB Electric bikes are essentially the same as a conventional bike with the addition of three main components. An electric motor, a battery and a little box that acts as the brain of the Ebike called the controller. Most existing bike shops are unsure about the workings of the electrical bits on an Ebike so it's up to an electric bike specialist to fix any issues that arise.

Ebikes problems are more often than not an issue of loose or worn wiring and/or the main components going on the fritz. A methodical process of elimination coupled with the required specialist tools will result in a broken down Ebike getting back on the road.


After sales service.

When you buy an electric bike from SEB you are paying for a quality bike with a rock solid warranty and quality service. Not only are you less likely to encounter problems with your Ebike but you have a physical shop to come to if you have any service needs. You need local backup and support in exactly the same way that your regular local bike shop is your best bet.


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We charge out our workshop at $120 per hour in 15min blocks of $30. We generally can't provide you with an exact quote for repair or service time. There are too many variables to consider. Please note that warranty includes replacement of faulty parts in the given warranty period but does not include service time.

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